Grabbing defined variable in Graph for grade calculation

Hi, my first time posting. I have a graph which I’m able to provide feedback to students whether they’ve graphed their coordinates correctly. Is it possible or how do you “grab” that “Bcorrect=1” variable to use it in a separate component to calculate a grade? If possible can someone add a screen and CL? Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays.

You can access any CL variable by using:

If the variable type does not match what you need you may need to use ${ } around it. Note that your component name must also be unique.

Thanks for that. I’m still having a bit of trouble. Here’s a similar question with the entire lesson. How can I take the “1” from the isCorrect in screen 24 to use on screen 26 to sum up as pointsEarned?

${table5.script.isCorrect1} will grab it.

It’s exactly the same as you did with all the inputs, just a different component name. You could also create a check in the table CL as you did with the inputs to set a different point value, and reference that instead of isCorrect1.