Graphing points reset when move to another screen

An activity I have used multiple years had a bug show up just today in the graphing.

I have students plot points on a graph to show their understanding of being precise in estimating. This activity has worked flawless until today. Here is what students start with.

They then will graph their points and click check to see that they are accurate. They will see this.

When they go to the next screen and come back. It takes some of their points and resets them like this screen.

The weird thing is that it is not always consistent which points it will reset and it happens on multiple screens. I have also check different activities where I have students graph their solutions completely different from this one and the same thing is happening.

Here is a link to my activity.

Thanks for the report, everything should be working now. Can you confirm and let me know if something is still not working the way it should?

Yes, it is working the way it should. Thank you so much for figuring it out. Very much appreciated.