Help with self-checking activity

In this activity solving ambiguous case triangles with the law of sines, I want the students to leave the table blank if the triangle has no solution. There is also a button to press to indicate that the triangle has no solution. The issue is that the dashboard does not display a check unless the student actually enters a value in a cell and then erases it to leave the cell blank. Can you help me to edit this so that the dashboard displays a check if the student leaves the table blank and then presses the button?

I don’t think CL begins to evaluate correctness until an element has been interacted with - I seem to recall someone mentioning this might be a performance consideration, although I may well have dreamt that! Either way, it makes sense because overwhelmingly a component that’s not yet been touched by a student isn’t going to be correct yet.

Why do you explicitly need the table to be empty if students have clicked the “no solutions” button? Is it just to get around the fact that only the table has a correct: sink? If so, you could create a hidden graph with CL that evaluates the table and the button press, and have that control the correctness (making the table itself read only).

You could use a MC component instead of the Action button along with a condition on the readOnly in the table component and MC component.