Help with Table Dashboard Correct with CL

I am having trouble getting feedback in the Teacher Dashboard to appear correctly for table components–I believe I missing some understanding of how all of that fits together.

I have the feedback for the students replying correctly, and I will sometimes get an incorrect in the teacher dashboard when the answer is incorrect or not filled out, but I am looking for the checkmark when all of the answers in the table meet the condition.

The CL for the table is in the picture. There is also a graph component which does the computation check for me.

If it helps, the link to the activity is Linear Inequalities Introduction

On a more positive note, I was able to use the aggregate feature to pull together all the students’ data in the final slides of this activity, so I have to comment on how cool that is! I am really starting to like the CL stuff!

You need readOnly: true in your graph CL. Basically, for a checkmark, all tables, multiple choice, math inputs, graphs, and sketches must be “correct”. If there’s nothing being graded for a component, readOnly: true. Text inputs and explains are the only thing that will never yield a checkmark because it’s expected the teacher has something to look at.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback–I obviously missed that Desmos looks to grade other components.