"Correct" sink for Choice object in Desmos' CL Playground isn't working?

This is the sample activity that is linked in Desmos’s Computation Layer Documentation for the sink “correct” for a Choice type object.


According to the script, the teacher dashboard should show a checkmark if the third option is selected. However, when I preview it and select the third option, it shows a dot in the teacher dashboard preview rather than a checkmark. The other two incorrect choices do show an X.

Is something wrong? Is anyone else able to get it to show a checkmark?

On this screen there are two student inputs:

  1. The multiple choice question that we can accurately and reliably determine correctness from
  2. A graph with movable points where “fits the data” can be subjective.

In cases like this where there is student work that we don’t feel confident grading automatically, the dashboard will show at best a dot (the computer can’t guarantee everything is correct). However, if we can determine that a student made an error, like in the MC we will still give that feedback in the form of an “x”

If there is ever a case where you don’t want to “count” part of a screen into the dashboard feedback you can mark it “readOnly” and Desmos wont take it into account when it looks at student work. In this case you can add the script readOnly: true to the graph to show the check. Watch out! Doing so will now make it so that no feedback is received based on what happens in that graph.