Hidden and Correct Questions


I have two things I am trying to accomplish on slide 8.

  1. I would like the teacher dashboard to show as correct. I tried matching the CL from a different activity and that didn’t work with a fake student. My current check isn’t working either. Any ideas on how I can get the dashboard to show as correct? My current code lives in the math input and is:

correct: simpleFunction(input7.latex).evaluateAt(0)=-1 and simpleFunction(input7.latex).evaluateAt(-1)=4

  1. I would like the text box to show only if students get the answer correct. I currently have the following:

hidden: not(input7.submitted) and not(check1).

This made the submit button disappear and the feedback that is supposed to appear when the answer is correct does not show. If I take off the and statement then the text box shows when an answer is submitted, and that might make some students think an incorrect answer is correct. Is it possible to get the text box to show only when both submitted and correct occur?

Thanks for your help!

This should code should check the correctness of the equation.
Add this to the CL on the math input.

correct: input7.latex = “y=-5x-1”

I’m not sure what you are asking in the 2nd part of your question.

  1. Having a text input (or an explain prompt) will not allow for a checkmark on the dashboard, dot at best.

  2. Try or instead of and. Your current code would require the input to not be submitted AND check1 to be false to be hidden, so if either of these conditions is not met, it won’t be hidden.

Thank you! Activity is working just like I hoped. I appreciate the help.