Teacher dashboard dots instead of check or x

Hi all! I made an activity that was all MC with no CL components. I marked the correct answers and when I look at the preview (on the editing page) a check or an x does appear where it says “Dashboard Preview”. However, when the students completed the activity only one slide showed a check/x on the teacher dashboard. All the other slides showed up as dots. How can I get them all to either be a check or x on the teacher dash?

Can you share your Activity? Hard to say without some specifics.

If you have text inputs on a screen it will only ever show a dot.

If you have multiple math inputs (graph, math input), you need to enable correctness checks on everything or disable all but the one you want.

But yeah, we can’t say specifically without at least a description of what you have. Even better would be to post a link to your activity.

Here’s the activity and thanks for the comments so far! The first question on slide 2 works fine but I’m having an issue with the rest of the questions.

It seems to be working now?

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Not on my end unfortunately. I uploaded a screenshot of what I’m seeing. I feel like there’s some setting that I’m just not ticking off or something simple like that. Any ideas? Thanks for helping to troubleshoot and your time!

Is there any chance that the activity was edited after it was assigned to students? I ran the activity as a student and the teacher dashboard looked correct, so that’s the only reason I can think of for the dots to be showing. If the version you shared with us is the same one the students used, then I suggest sending the problem to support@desmos.com with all the information you shared here so they can look into a possible bug.

I don’t think so. I put the answers in as I went. I’ll email them - thanks again!

Do you mean you were answering as a student as you were editing? (I don’t think this has been changed yet, though I feel like it was announced.) Once an activity is assigned, it is not updated to any saved edits. So you’d need to complete your edits, then assign it to test it.