Correctness check : tick not showing in dashboard


I’ve got an slide with a table and an answer box and I can’t figure out why when it checks correctness the tick doesn’t show in bar and dashboard:

The code on the answer box CL is:

`disableEvaluation: true

check17a= when this.latex=\frac{3}{8} 1 otherwise 0

correct: check17a=1
I also check the correctness of the table but only to give a tick on screen for the students not to give the tick in the dashboard using the “correct” sink

In the preview dashboard there is a red circle with triangle in it which says

" The are CL warning so this might not match the dashboard. Try with fake students"


What is the CL warning is on the screen? If you share the activity, we might be able to help you troubleshoot better :slight_smile: Everything you’ve shared so far looks correct!

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Thanks for the reply: Heres the link

Its slide 17 which has the issue, its showing a dot rather than a tick in the dashboard when the answer is correct

I don’t get any warnings when I edit that activity - are you still seeing the warning or have you fixed something in the meantime.

The dot instead of a tick means “nothing is incorrect on this page, but there’s something that cannot be marked automatically” - in your case, the table has no correct: sink so it doesn’t know how to mark this. Either make the table readOnly: true or add a correct: sink to it.

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Thanks a lot,I had changed a variable name which cleared the warning but your suggestion to write readOnly:true on the table worked and put a tick on the dashboard, I didn’t know about that. I have been experimenting with having slides that mark both the table and the probability question and ones that just mark the question