Hidden MC unless Table is filled

I want to hide a multiple choice question unless all 3 cells in column 3 have numbers in them. How do I do that? Is there a good example on the different ways to use the hidden function?

Hiding a multiple choice based on numbers in column 3 of table3 (change component name as necessary):

hidden: isUndefined(numCheck1)
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How would you do this if you want the table to be filled but not with numerical values? I would like to use this to have my students complete two-column proofs. How would I code it so that I can reveal parts of the proof based on the students completing rows of the proof on their own?

William, are you looking for some exact text? Or just that a part of a table has something in it?

I would just like to check to make sure that something is in each row of the table.

You’ll probably want to use isBlank.

...not(isBlank(this.cellContent(2,1) ) )...