Hidden questions resetting

Sorry for reposting the same activity but I have run into another problem. I have an activity that I am making where you have to get each part right and hit submit before the next part shows up. But I am running into if the student gets part 3 wrong and clicks into the input box for part 3 it takes them all the way back to part 1. Their answers are still there, but annoying to have to re submit every time. I am sure there is something simple I am missing. It is happening on slide 8

I think it has something to do with making sure the showSubmitButton: true is used for each input. I made that change and it seemed to work. I also indicated the 4 year time frame in the original prompt. Once I saw the answer was 4 for input4, it made sense since college is typically 4 years. However I know a student might not get the obvious answer the first time.

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I have noticed that when you don’t explicitly tell the CL to showSubmitButton in a setup like that, the submit button appears to be tied to ALL the inputs, which makes it behave like you are seeing. @SteinSchreiber’s solution has also worked for me!

That was it! I have never done that many parts for a question. Thanks!