Show Student Responses Greyed Out

The show student responses is greyed out for some the slides in the activity that I am trying to create. See slides 2 and 5, there is no submit option for a text box on each of those slides. Thank you.

Hi @Antoinette_Payner !

Would you mind making the activity public so that we can take a look?

It is now public. Thanks.

5th screen?
Maybe try:
showSubmitButton: true

Hope that is helpful. Also not sure why this happens with some components depending on the arrangement.

Jay Morin

@Antoinette_Payner - showSubmitButton: true is what gets the submit to show up and work appropriately. Stacking components in a column often forces the submit button to hide. You’ll need to add in the showSubmitButton: true statement to get them to display and trigger the submit properly. I fixed up Screen 2 and Screen 5 to make it work for now :slight_smile: