Hide submit button after student inputs correct answer


I’m working on a Desmos tool to assess students’ ability to differentiate functions. Here is what I have so far. I’m trying to set it so that when a student gets a correct answer they can no longer submit their work. I imagine it would utilize the “showSubmitButton” sink, but I’m not sure how to activate it + check for correctness only after students press the button. Any advice?

I’m getting a server error for your link. Use the link from “Share Activity” not the URL from the address bar, but probably yes the showSubmitButton sink. You can use a when-otherwise or whatever condition is needed for true. Say you made a Boolean, check, to see if the student is correct or not:

showSubmitButton: when check false otherwise true


showSubmitButton: not(check)

Thanks for the help. I think the server error was on the Desmos side from when teacher.desmos.com was down earlier. I ended up using:

hidden: rightAnswer and this.submitted

Which also has the effect of not allowing students to adjust their answer after submitting.

I’m going to have to remember that though - it’ll definitely be helpful in other places.