Hidden sink possible bug?

I am using the hidden sink (in slide #3) to be contingent on a plotted point in the previous slide (slide #2).

Problem is the desired components in slide #3 are only hidden if you complete slide #1 and are working on slide#2. If you just pass through not completing slide #1, and skipping over slide #2, they the components are not hidden as desired…

An easy way to see this if you click on slide three, you see all the components, but if you go back to 2, and then 3 again, the desired component are hidden. I want those components hidden whether slide 2 is visited or not, i.e as long as the work is not completed correctly and submitted in slide 2.

Oof, thanks. We’ll get on it.

This seemed to work when I logged in as a student. I suspect it has to do with those two variables being undefined the moment you load screen 3 by itself as a starting point. Then after you switched to screen 2 and back to screen 3 then the variables at least have a 0 value or something other than undefined.

Thanks for the attempt, but when I did it as a student, the components in slide #3 will only hide/show correctly when slide#1 is completed to uncover the components in slide#2.