Early Draft of Rational Functions

Would love some feedback on this one especially the first 3 screens.

  1. I like to have the negative feedback as well once something is entered in a table. I use this format frequently (I’d also combine your two check conditions into one line):
cellSuffix(1,2): when isBlank(this.cellContent(1,2)) or this.cellHasFocus(1,2) "" 
when (N>0 and SE1pX=xz1 and SE1pY=0) or (N=0 and SE1eL=`x` and SE1eR=xa1) "✅" 
otherwise "❌"
  1. I’d also like maybe an errorMessages where students incorrectly chose point vs. equation.
  2. I kinda want the discovered elements on slide 5 to lock in once they’ve been found. The intercepts I think you could make clickable to permanently display it. Maybe some clickable transparent polygons for the asymptotes?

Well done.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m always a bit cautious with the use of :x: since I know just a small mistake in my code can mark a correct answer with :x:, but I do like using errorMessage to nudge students in the right direction. Going to be a bit code intensive since the table rows change from looking for points to looking for equations as item are adjusted in the HiddenTable.

Makes a lot of sense to lock in the characteristics of screen 5.
Again thanks.

I just find if there’s no feedback at all, students are more likely to move on if it’s incorrect. I just prefer the error in my correctness be marked wrong because I always end up with a confident student asking for help (allowing me to know I need to debug).

Depending on how many row variants you have, you could instead have multiple tables that conditionally hide versus conditionally checking every answer, but I get that might feel a little like going to square one.