Limit number of submits/Disable submit button after number of attempts

Hi, I’m relatively new at this and I can’t figure this out.

This is for a multiple choice question.

I’ve tried to limit the number of times the student can press submit to 1 using this code I found on this forum: submitDisabled: when mc1.submitCount>0 true otherwise false

I get an error “could not find sink submitDisabled”.

submitDisabled only works with a math input component.

You can approximate this by adding a button component and using the hidden sink in the same fashion

hidden: when button1.pressCount>0 true otherwise false

That will only disable the button. Students will still be able to change an MC answer. There’s this workaround from another thread:

Ah. Forgot… I usually attached it to a capture, so I didn’t care if they changed it after the fact.

I like this work around a lot.