Hide Text when New Question is created

I love this Activity created by Brett Parker and full credit to him.

I did want to edit something on his Slide #2 and was looking for help. After you type in an equation and submit it by pushing the “Show the slope and y-intercept” button, it shows a great animation on the graph and a note2b appears with the solution equation.

Then when you push the “Generate a new line” button and new graph/question is produce but the animation is completed and the solution equation (note2b) is already shown, until you click inside the Math Input box. I would like the entire slide to reset so that the student would not see the animation or note (answer) until they push the “Show Me” button again…

I modified screen 2 so that it doesn’t reveal the answer by alternating hiding the submit button and the new line buttons and by changing the definition of the t in the graph to also depend on whether the line had just been reset. [Copy of] Infinite Practice Graphing Lines • Activity Builder by Desmos


I was going to suggest adding this to the input component. This will reset anything associated with that component, including the timeSinceSubmit.

resetOnChange: "${new1.pressCount}"
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Thank you both! You both used the resetOnChange idea which was what was needed.

Here is the edited activity created by Brett Parker, edited by myself, sergeballif and cwinske!