Struggling with Resetting Components

I am working on an infinite practice for writing equations of lines through 2 points. I have most worked out but can’t figure out how to reset all the components when the student wants to try another.

I honestly hate trying to coordinate resetting and calculating problem values on the fly, and don’t think I’ll be much help. When I want “infinite” practice, I usually just create long randomized lists to serve as values for my problems, then all I need to do is iterate an index to display the current problem.

I think I have almost all of it working, I just can’t get the first button to reset when the student wants to try a new problem. I’m going to come back to it later in the day and take another look. TY

Hi Jeff,

I create a ton of these sorts of things and can probably help. But your Activity is restricted to Desmos Curriculum subscribers so I can’t see what’s happening in this Activity.