How can students know their work is correct?

I have created several matching activities for my students and I would project the Dashboard so students could see if they got it correct or not. Since my students will be working on this virtually (and at different times), is there a way for them to know when they get the activity completely correct?

The exact details of this depends a bit on the nature of the question, but what I usually do (as a CL novice, so there may be a more efficient way of doing this) is to define a variable feedback using a series of “when/otherwise” statements, then tell the content sink to display the variable’s string.

For example, for a math input answer:

when ex1_Ans.submitted and ex1_Ans.numericValue = 33 “CORRECT!”
otherwise when ex1_Ans.submitted and ex1_Ans.numericValue = 45 “Check your calculator. It might be in Radian mode!”
otherwise “”

content: “${feedback}”

The “.submitted” portions of the code prevent the feedback from displaying until the student actually submits their answer.

For a multiple choice answer, you might do:

when ex2_Choice.isSelected(1) and ex2_Choice.submitted “Keep thinking! Is there enough information to use the Law of Sines effectively?”
when ex2_Choice.isSelected(2) and ex2_Choice.submitted “CORRECT! There are no angle measures at all, so we cannot use the Law of Sines”
when ex2_Choice.isSelected(3) and ex2_Choice.submitted “Keep thinking! This triangle is solveable!”
otherwise “”

"In a non-right triangle PQR, side p has a length of 11, side q has a length of 17, and side r has a length of 10.

Which law could you use to find the measure of angle P?


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I usually make matching activities, so they have to connect 2 or three things together. Is there a way that I can show them they are correct?

Is it easier if I share one of my activities like this with you so you can see what exactly I mean?


Does the matching activity use a card sort? If so, then you can give feedback using the “matchesKey” source. You could use this with a note on the screen after the Card Sort, or you could change the title of the Card Sort to reflect the “matchesKey” status.

Going the note route, you’d say something like:

when CardSort.matchesKey “All of your cards are sorted correctly. Well done!”
otherwise “Some of your cards are in the wrong place! Please go back and fix!”

If you’re doing something else, then yes, please share!

Can you give an example? It’s always possible to use and and or conditionals to give feedback.

Here is an example of the type of activities I make.

Thank you for your help!


There are only three sources for card sorts (matchesKey, totalCards, and totalCorrectCards). You can use these values however you deem fit to give feedback (though the Card Sorts are intended to generate discussion).

Just note the way that totalCorrectCards is calculated is basically all groups without a mismatched card are counted correct + single cards that are supposed to be alone. So if a student has a stack of 5 cards with 1 incorrect, none are counted correct.

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