Teacher' desmos Computation Layer script

I want to make classroom activities game.

1.Two students are paired with a classmate to play with the same coordinate plane. 2. Two students mark points in order on a coordinate plane by turns. 3. The people who marks the points continuously on the line(horizontal or vertical or diagonal) win this game.

So I want to know

  1. how to matching two students in the one same coordinate plane.
  2. how to mark the point on the coordinate plane by insert the coordinate by turns.

Please check this down link. The red point student win the game.

I have thought about game pairings before so I am interested to hear if this is possible. I am sure it would be a rather complex build.

Based on what is publicly available, the only thing that might make this possible is, aggregate. Aggregate creates a number list from different users. However, I am not sure how this list is ordered. It might be hard to make the 1st person and 2nd person to see each other’s inputs and the 3rd/4th etc. I am not sure it would be stable. I suppose you could build it with the intention of having a class code for each pair?

“For any source that returns a “number”, you can use the “aggregate” function to turn it into a numberList, where each element is the number from a different student in the class. This is an insanely powerful feature, but still just experimental. Use with caution!”

Thank you for your answer. I’ll try it.

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