Group Responses Plotted on One Graph

Hello Desmos Community- I am trying to edit a legacy task for a colleague. I am struggling with one component (the legacy product wouldn’t allow us to edit the “copy previous” available on the previous slides.

Here is my version: Inverse Variation - Pizza Party- Originally from Corley, Nick • Activity Builder by Desmos

Here is the original:

I’m trying to figure out how to plot the points from the whole class from slide 2 to populate a graph on slide 4 for everyone to see.

I think I have everything else accomplished that I want. I appreciate any suggestions you might have.



You’ll want to use aggregate in slide 4. aggregate only takes numbers, so you will need a separate numberList defined for each of the 6 values students enter in the table.
(You’ll need to change table to whatever your table is called in slide 2)

numberList(`X_1`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(1,1))
numberList(`Y_1`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(1,2))
numberList(`X_2`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(2,1))
numberList(`Y_2`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(2,2))
numberList(`X_3`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(3,1))
numberList(`Y_3`): aggregate(table.cellNumericValue(3,2))

Then in your graph:


Thank you. A friend of mine was somehow able to edit the activity above (not sure why I was not?) and similar code was provided.

You are appreciated!