How to combine students' response in Geometry Tool?

Hi, I am trying to create a Geometry activity where students are given a circle and they have to construct a chord and the perpendicular bisector of the chord they have created. I need them to be able to see everyone’s chord and perpendicular bisectors because I want them to observe that the perpendicular bisector always passes through the centre of the circle regardless of where the chord is. How do I combine everyone’s respond on one slide?

I cannot seem to find any documentation on sources or sinks for the Geometry Tool, so getting aggregate to work will be challenging.
I made this with a graph instead.

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Wow! Thank you very much for the help. I am not familiar with computation layer scripts so I will study what you have created and try it out.

Hi Mark , thank you for your help in the question. I would like to seek your permission to use the 2 slides you have created for a blog post I have written to share teaching ideas on Coordinate Geometry of Circles. If you are ok, I will integrate the 2 slides into a DESMOS classroom activity.

Yes, of course!
I would love to read the post. Can you provide a link, either here or via DM?

Thanks Mark!

I will send you the link once it is published.


Start by creating a Google Slides presentation for the activity and share it with your students, granting them editing access. This allows them to contribute to the presentation simultaneously. Instruct your students to create a new slide or use a designated slide to construct their chords and prependicular bisector within the circle. They can drawing tools or shapes available in Google Slides to create their constructions.