Plotting different color Points from Tables to next slide

Hello! I was able to figure out how to get points to plot from one slide to the next (Thanks @Melissa_Lute), but I was wondering how to do a few more things for this activity:

Can I somehow get the points that do not satisfy the inequality y>3x+2 to show up as red, and those that do to show up as green? Right now they seem to be showing up as random colors and I can’t seem to find where that is controlled.

Hi Anna,

So I added slider for each point which allows for you to change the color (green/red) but the numbers the sliders are on don’t matter because of the CL the points that the students enter override this.

Then I duplicated each point so there is a green and a red version, and put the inequality y=2x+3 as a condition, replacing x and y with the point coordinates, so if the point satisfied the inequality the green version will show up if students enter that point, if not, then the red version will show up.

Thank you so much for your time! This is awesome, and I appreciate the explanation as well.