Disable "Submit to Teacher"

Is there a way to disable the “Submit to Teacher” button after it has been pressed one time? I can’t figure it out.

Is this what you were looking for?

Yes and no. It disables the button, but I don’t want the student to change their first answer, which they could still do.

I’m not sure you can ever disable the ability to edit the answer because the student can always click on the expression input to make changes.

You can get rid of the “Edit response” text. Try inserting this line into the input component in addition to the example @mxepstein provided. Make sure to put a space between the quotes.

resetLabel: " "

If you’re evaluating a numeric value then capture is your best bet. Students will still be able to change whats in the input but won’t be able to submit a new answer unless the button is pressed (which you’ve blocked).

Another way is to use a 1x1 table and an action button and turn off cellEditable after one button press.

It seems like they can always edit the input and so disabling the button or removing the “edit response” text doesn’t really help me.

For what I’m working on, I can restrict students to screens so they don’t go back and change values. I could use a table, but I like the simplicity of the input box.

Thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it.

Capture will fix that. They’ll be able to edit but it wont make any changes outside of the input field.

You can see here that if you also disable the button that a student will not be able to change the previous submission.

That works! You said I should use capture with submitDisabled and I didn’t try that. I should have ready your response more carefully.

Thanks again!

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I am a beginner. How do I “capture with submit disabled”? This sounds Greek to me.