Infinity Symbol and CL

I am looking to have Desmos Self Check Domain, Range and End-Behavior answers for Exponentials.

I have created a Math Box with this CL Code: initialLatex: “Range:”
Then in the NoteBox I have this:
when Range.submitted and Range.latex = “Range:[1,infinity)” “\n\Good work !”
when Range.submitted “\n\Wrong answer. Please try again.”
otherwise “”

When I go to test as a student, it tells me wrong answer. I have also tried using \infty as opposed to typing infinity in full.

I have the same code for Asymptote, where the answer is y=1, and it works just fine.

initialLatex: “Asymptote:”
when Asymptote.submitted and Asymptote.latex = “Asymptote:y=1” “\n\Good work !”
when Asymptote.submitted “\n\Wrong answer. Please try again.”
otherwise “”

What am I missing?

This worked for me:

Range.latex = "Range:\left[1,\infty\right)"

I often type the answer I want into a Math Input or Table blank, then copy it to see the correct LaTeX. I frequently forget that it’s fussy about [ and )