Sign for infinity

Probably an easy one, but new to this…How do you input the infinity (or negative infinity) sign into a text box?

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I believe on a mac infinity is option+5. You should be able to type this into a note, CL or not.

My problem is I need an option for students to be able to type it into an equation (activity on interval notation) from a Chromebook. I know I can do it on my PC using my 10-key pad and “ALT 236” but it does not work from the keyboard numbers, and the school Chromebooks do not have 10-key pads.

Chris Burtis

Ooh, sorry no latex support for the infinity symbol… yet

I found out that if you type infinity into the answer box, the infinity symbol automatically comes up. Hope this helps!

as @Jurnee_Spelliman said, just typing out infinity will make the symbol show up. That is how I have my students doing it when I do domain and range

This is an example I have when checking for a solution in one of mine:

solution6 = "\infty>${var}${finverse}${a}"
solution7 = "\infty>${var}${finverse}${a}\ "

Here is the activity it is from