Question on initialCellContent

I am defining an initialCellContent based on the result of a multiple choice answer. Once selected, that value is stuck in the cell. If students realize they don’t like their multiple choice, the cell doesn’t change if the students change their choice. It literally took the initial value and won’t let that value change. Is there a better way to initially define cell content that will allow students to change their minds?

My CL:


initialCellContent(1,1): when mc89b.isSelected(1) “\left(\right)\div\left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
when mc89b.isSelected(3) “\left(\right)\cdot \left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
otherwise “”
initialCellContent(2,1): “\y=”


correct: a3=30

cellSuffix(2,1): when this.cellContent(2,1)="\y=" “” when a3=30 “inches :white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:

I think you need this for your initialCellContent instead:

initialCellContent(1,1): “”
cellContent(1,1): when mc89b.isSelected(1) “\left(\right)\div\left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
when mc89b.isSelected(3) “\left(\right)\cdot \left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
otherwise “”

You can create a variable for your conditional text. Then, use that for your initialCellContent:

text=when mc89b.isSelected(1) "\left(\right)\div\left(\frac{ }{ }\right)"
   when mc89b.isSelected(3) "\left(\right)\cdot \left(\frac{ }{ }\right)"
   otherwise ""
initialCellContent(1,1): text

Thanks Daniel,

I’ll try that.


Thanks Susan,

I’ll check it out ASAP.


Well, no luck. I am still getting the same issue. Once I select a multiple choice answer, the initialCellContent enters that value but after about 2 to 3 seconds it locks it in. My goal is to allow students to choose hopefully choice 1 or 3 to solve a scale factor problem between two similar figures. Susan, if I use cellContent, then students cannot fill in the blanks in that cell. And initialCellContent only takes the initial value or whatever is clicked within the first few seconds of the initial choice. Once chosen, the CL makes either of the linked photos.

Thanks again for the help.

There is not a way to deSelect a choice, but I really like the idea of giving an initial formula. Since the cellContent does deSelect, I might add a third column (and header row, maybe) with this:

cellContent(1,3): when mc89b.isSelected(1) “\left(\right)\div\left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
when mc89b.isSelected(3) “\left(\right)\cdot \left(\frac{ }{ }\right)”
otherwise “”
cellContent(0,3):“Copy & Paste” # somewhere maybe with an arrow symbol
cellContent(2,3): “”

Maybe Desmos will make a deSelect option something like multiChoiceDeselectable: true.

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