Input Box Colon?

Hi all,
I tried to have my students complete a Desmos activity with their Ipads on piecewise functions. However, when students attempted to type in the function within a input box set to Latex, there was no colon present within the Desmos on screen keyboard. I could use intialLatex to pre-populate the inbox with a colon but I believe the colon should be within the keyboard. Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Thats a great find! I’ll forward this to the team and see what we can do :smiley:. Thanks!

Thank you Jay! I also ran into another cumbersome issue on the ipad. During a logarithmic lesson today, typing subscript was very challenging. I had to tell my students to…

  1. Type out “log” followed by any other letter.

  2. Then type the base number after that.

  3. Delete the unnecessary letter.

Hopefully, we can get a subscript button to use.

Any update on this. I am teaching Ratio and would like students to be able to enter the colon

Thank You

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