Underscore on iPad

I created an activity to introduce logarithms. To help students practice rewriting between exponential form and logarithmic form, I created an activity where they had to do just that. However I realized on the iPad there doesn’t seem to be a way to write underscore on the Desmos keyboard. I know on a laptop students can just do _ (shift -), but that’s not an option on an iPad. Any recommendations on how students can do this? I tried the y1 option, but you can’t edit the “1” part so it doesn’t help. If it’s not possible, can underscore please be added to the Desmos calculator/math latex keyboard? Thanks!!

Interesting catch! I hadn’t noticed this before.

I don’t have an iPad handy, but that button shows up on a phone, so I’m guessing it’s there on an iPad too.

When you edit, the Desmos keyboard should show up. Click on the button that brings up the standard letters keyboard. From there, press the shift button and you should have access to the underscore on the bottom row. Again, this is based on memory from a phone so it might be different on an iPad. Hopefully it’s the same.