Capture student's input from a graph

I would like to build this puzzel and capture student input into a table where I’ll make the validation.
of course the “3x” I’ve added is what I expect the student to enter, as well as all other puzzel’s cells.



Hi Itzik! Sorry to provide an answer that’s not very helpful, but I think that this puzzle will be very hard to build in Desmos with the features that are currently available. To add the text from the graph component, you would need editable labels, which are not available.

Another option would be to type the text in a different component and add it to the graph with the pointLabel sink. Obviously it would not be ideal to have a different math input for every single answer in the puzzle, so you would want to reuse a math input using capture. But, capture only works for numbers, not expressions with variables (although you could combine capture and simpleFunction to reverse engineer an expression), … All that to say, I think it is possible to build this puzzle, but I don’t recommend it. Sorry!