Instant Feedback Through a Multiple Choice Question

I just created a multiple choice question with immediate feedback. I put the question in the “note” section, but when I go to preview the screen the question does not appear. Is there a way to view the question in this section or do I have to put the question in the title? Thanks!

Are you putting the question in the code or just in the text box for the note? If you are giving feedback, it sounds like you are using code and that will overwrite anything that is typed in the textbox. Try something like this in the code:

content: when choice.isSelected(1) "That's correct."
when not(choice.isSelected(1)) "Please try again."
otherwise "Type your question here."

Once a choice is selected, the question will disappear, so maybe pair this with a submit/reset button. You could delay the feedback by putting it on the next slide too.

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Thank you! :grinning:


Slide 3. I put a question in the unlabeled note. When I hit preview, the question does not appear only the math input box appears. Midsegment of a Triangle • Activity Builder by Desmos

I figured it out! I forgot to type the actual question inside the quotes next to otherwise" "