Introduction to the Computation Layer #5

Here’s the recording to the last CL webinar:

In this session:

  1. Learn how we can sample points to match functions for correctness
  2. Learn how to build functions and concatenate inputs using CL
  3. Learn about tolerance (in computation) and how to apply it to your correctness functions.

Awesome thank you! I had to leave early. Will there be anymore webinar’s for CL?

Wow! I thought I figured out a decent amount of CL, but now I realize I had only scratched the surface.

Using variables for input names so I only have to change it one place when I duplicate a slide, using random variables to create dynamic questions giving each student different numbers, and using numericValue instead of setting tolerances to check for correctness are all game changers!

Thank you for these webinars. Now I want to remake the activities that I previously created.