Is there a way to entirely remove Submit for Multiple Choice?

I frequently do not want or need a Submit button for Multiple Choice questions. It doesn’t align well with other questions for which such things are not only not frequently used, but even deprecated(I’m looking at you, Tables).

To keep a consistent UX for my students I’d really appreciate the ability to entirely remove the Submit button for MC or Checkbox questions. I can do things like disable it, etc. after x number of attempts and whatever but that’s not what I’m looking for here. I want it to never appear in the first place.

Doesn’t seem like this is possible, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. Any ideas?

I don’t see a Submit button when I add MCs or Checkboxes. Only if I have a submitLabel sink.

Sorry for the confusion, I think of these elements by their web standard names rather than the verbiage Desmos uses.

I’m talking about this:

That default Submit button is what I’d like to be able to remove entirely.

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Daniel is right on there. You shouldn’t see that button unless you’ve asked for it somewhere. PressCount, timeSincePress, submitLabel, etc. if you’re seeing it unprompted it may be a bug. Can you share your activity?

I’m such an idiot. I was putting in some checking stuff about this.submitted so of course it appears there.


sorry for the confusion!

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On slide 13, I can’t get the Submit button to disappear.

Thanks for any help.

If you remove the line showSubmitButton: FALSE, it will get rid of the submit button.

Why that “false” doesn’t get rid of it, I am not sure - perhaps a bug. But if the line is not there at all, the button doesn’t show up.

It’s odd that it doesn’t work. I’d just duplicate slide 14 and change the picture, since that one seems to be working all right.

(Also, if you want a dashboard checkmark, you’ll need readOnly: true in your sketch components.)