Label plotted point in aggregate with student initials?

My hunch is that this is not possible, but… I have an activity adapted from OUR where the kids are measuring the lengths of the sides and diagonals of squares. In this distance learning situation I am having kids just measure by holding a ruler up to the screen. They then input the data into a table and CL aggregates the data into a graph. I’m thinking it might be helpful to be able to hover over a plotted point and know who contributed that data. We are using activities these days both live with Zoom and asynchronously. I’m hoping having student initials on the points will build some accountability as well as engender some conversation-- “Hey Joan, why’s your point way up there?”
Here is a draft of the activity: 7-3.1 How Well Can You Measure? • Activity Builder by Desmos

Maybe have them write their initials on one of the first slides as a “digital signature” and then use that text as a point label? I am not sure if it would then be clickable, but it might be an avenue to try.

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You can only aggregate numerical data, right? So, linking initials to the data wouldn’t be possible. You could have an individual student without any difficulty, but not all students.

I’d just have students put their initials in maybe an intro slide. Then, whatever answer they’ve given, plot a separate point with that value and a pointLabel of their input from the intro slide.

You may also have a problem with students measuring on different size screens.

Different resolution/size screens-- that’s going to work out in this case I think since we are looking for the relationship between the diagonal of a square and it’s side length. Yes??

My bad. I didn’t realize you were plotting ratios.

I really appreciate the checking!