Latex Checking error

Slide 7 on this activity is where the question lies

I am having it check for both interval notation and for inequality notation. When I type in the domain, if both sides are supposed to be brackets, it will tell me I am correct when typing in [-9,9 instead of waiting for the final bracket. Where am I messing up? I need it to wait for the whole thing to be typed in.

Code for the domain section found in the second note CL on slide 7

It looks like desmos is autofilling the ending bracket because it’s a math input (also it gives an error when you put a space after the comma). You could ask for minimum and maximum separately and then combine it for students in the interval notation.

Oh that’s easier, just add a button and the button has to be pushed to run the check on it. Then reset the button on change. Let me dig an activity up.

I’m struggling to reconcile Latex answer checking with a button because you have so many cases to your solution in the notes. I wouldn’t try to do correctness checking with Latex personally, also capture sink only likes numbers, not latex.

You could define a pattern and use that to extract the two values I suppose. @cwinske you’re the patterns guy.

I’m thinking it would be nice to do checking only when button.pressCount changes, but I’m struggling to accomplish that. @Daniel_Grubbs, got any input on that?

I usually give a quick checkmark or x suffix for students when I use inputs. Something like this:

suffix: when not(this.submitted) ""
        when  check "✅"
        otherwise "❌"

The benefit here with inputs is that when the input has focus (whether initially or when revising an answer) the input is considered “not submitted”, so no feedback is given while editing. You can use similar notation for a note.