Lock Screen and Zoom (when only Graph Option on a Screen)

I recently created the following Activity (A Scape Room activity - it’s in Spanish):

My students have to handle figures to learn geometric figures, areas and perimeters.

They kept on, incidentally, moving the screen and zooming in and out, all the time.

When I add both a graph and something else (text, media) to a screen, it seems that the graph is constrained to a square and can’t be moved. That’s cool

However, when I only add a graph so that it occupies the whole screen (otherwise it’s too small for my purpose), the user can move the graph, zoom in and out, click the home button, add axes, etc.

Is there a way to lock the screen and prevent from zooming while on full screen (only graph)??

Regards, Alberto

Welcome bulibles.

I don’t believe there is a way to remove the option to zoom in or out other than to add another component. I sometimes add a note component with instructions (or feedback of some sort) just so that I can remove the option to zoom out.