Need help with editing an activity that contains a copy previous

I have tried editing an activity that contains copy previous. I looked at all the suggestions that Desmos provided in the warning message, but still can’t seem to get it to work. Can some one help? Here is the activity that I am trying to edit.
[Copy of] Multiplying Fractions

Can you clarify what you are asking, you are unable to edit the activity linked?

I think this solution might be what you’re looking for. I assume you meant Screens 6 and 8.
I changed Screen 6 by copying the actual graph from Screen 4 (it was easier than the full screen graph) into it. Then imported the values, n, d, n_1 and d_1 that students adjust from Screen 5, and removed the background sink.

You’ll see a warning because students could potentially delete the variables from the full-screen graph. To mitigate that, you may want to consider making sliders in the graph, or draggable points that adjust the box divisions and hiding the actual variables.