Math Text Entry AND Multiple Choice Selection

I am creating a team game where the student needs to submit an entry and then choose an appropriate number of “confidence points” before hitting a submit button. I cannot get the coding right!

Students should:
Type in an answer into the answer field.
Choose a number of confidence points.
Hit a submit button.
Receive a message after submitting.

Can someone help me out?

Check slide 3.

Hey Nathan!

Are you just missing the submit button for the multiple choice? If so:

showSubmitButton: true

Then you should be able to condition on that submission.

For the other feedback, it looks like you want the answer to be C, but you’ll get the same feedback every time. You need to specifically add a conditional on NOT being the correct answer.

I made some tweaks here:

Thank you @Aethir but can’t load your copy for some reason.

Sorry! Try this one:

Thank you @Aethir ! Is there any way that I can code it so there is just one submit button at the bottom that locks in both answers simultaneously?

Sort of - you can just show the submit button on the multiple choice and then perform your feedback checks when students press that button. Is that what you mean?

Look in your MathInput and your Multiple Choice elements’ CL - you’ll see the showSubmitButton sink I put in there.