Make move-able points appear then disappear

I’m working on an activity for plotting points and I wanted to change things up having students both enter the ordered pairs for given values and plot points given the ordered pairs. Right now I’m having them rotate between these methods, but I want the points they’ll move to only be visible when they’re working on that section, then disappear once they’ve been placed correctly.

I’ve played with conditionals but they limit the movement. I tried adding a variable (x_1, Y_1 +Z_1) but they kept breaking after one use and my correctness checks wouldn’t work. any help would be great;y appreciated!

I’m not sure which points you are trying to have dissapear? And where to move the points?
My assumption is to type points to go in the center of the circles. And to drag points to match the provided ordered pairs?
Does column 1 vs column 2 mean anything?

I did eventually get Santa to appear, but not sure what to do at that point?

Sorry I realize it might seem a bit disjointed seeing only this one slide.
I have several features that pace things out better for students, but they depend on elements in other slides so I turned them all off for this.

On this slide there are 4 ornaments that will appear when you’ve completed it correctly.

Part 1:
To see the first ornament you enter the ordered pairs to place points in the center of each circle in any of the 4 cells available (there is no requirement for which point goes in which column, but I made it 2 columns to fit better on the screen). Once you’ve entered the correct ordered pairs the Santa ornament appears and you’re on to part two.

Part 2:
This is where the movable points come in. You’ll see that as it is now I have a box appear with a label around the points you need to move to the ordered pairs listed in rows 3 & 4. You can click the action button for help circles, then once they’re placed correctly a snowflake ornament will appear. I would like these points to not be visible until part one is complete, so they would appear with the box and label, then disappear when the snowflake is unlocked.

From this point in the activity, you repeat the process for Part 3 and 4. In part 4 you have another set of points (the left side of the tree at the start) that I would like to act in the same way.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for scoping it out for me!

I took a shot at this, thinking it would be an easy fix. I tried to make a simpler version here, but also ran into the issue you described where the points become restricted to horizontal movements once you use a correctness check.

Why does the movement get locked to horizontal movements only?

I haven’t had the opportunity to try this yet, but could you use CL to check for the correct locations? It might be a bit tedious, but it would be mostly copy and paste of similar code.

The lock to horizontal movement only is what keeps stumping me as well. I haven’t explored using the CL to control their visibility yet, so maybe I can crack the code in there.

Thanks for taking a look!

Looks like big conditional loops there, where the thing you’re trying to change (x and y sliders) control the thing that changes them. You can trick the calc into thinking its something different with a regression: Desmos | Graphing Calculator

If you load all of your sliders into that list you’ll only need one.


I am struggling to understand if theres anything I’m missing here?

You should still be able to run correctness checks on variables.

Thanks for all the input! Here’s the solution I ended up using with the help of Mr. Jay Chow:


If you set the steps for your x and y coordinates to 1, they’ll snap to grid. Then, you wouldn’t need to do minimum distance if you want them at a specific location.

I like everything EXCEPT the ending. LOL :wink: