Summative Class Data

Good afternoon! I am trying to create a table that tells me how many students in the class got each question right on a test. I did this by assigning a graph number a value of 1 if a question is answered correctly and a value of 0 if it is incorrect. The table seems to work fine for the first 9 questions, but once I answer question 1 correctly, questions 10-19 seem to take the value of 1 and multiply it by the ones digit in the question number. I have tried adjusting the question name, and this did not seem to help at all. The issue seems to be somewhere in the last 3 slides, but I am not sure where. I would welcome any advice!


Screenshot of the what the table looks like after I answer questions 1-11:

Super subtle! This from your table CL is the culprit:

cellContent(14,2): "${graph2.number(`T_14`)}" 

There, the CL has been instructed to ask the graph for the value of the number T_14 — which is actually T₁4 aka T₁*4… The rules of LaTeX mean the underscore only grabs the next “thing” after it, and “thing” doesn’t extend to multi-digit numbers.

This should work:

cellContent(14,2): "${graph2.number(`T_{14}`)}" 

(And similar for all the other two-digit cells)

Thank you so much! I never would have noticed that!