New Feature Request: Copying components onto a new screen

Is it possible to create a “copy component” feature so that a specific component can be pasted on a new screen without having to duplicate the screen and eliminate everything around it so that the new screen can be built with the needed component?
Or to insert the needed component into a pre-created screen?

My current workaround is a storage of single component screens. The issue is that if I need two key components I still have to copy the second one (and all of its CL or features) to use with the primary component on the new screen.

For instance, I needed the same multiple choice options on 30 different screens of a pre-made classroom activity. After typing the options on the first two screens, I took a screenshot of each option and pasted the images repeatedly for the multiple choice option tiles. Easier but still a hassle…

—A suggestion category would be nice…----


I have frequently wished I could copy a component. I second this request.

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