numberList on Submit

Hello Desmos CL Community,

I would like to have students input 2 numbers into a table as an ordered pair. I would like to hide the submit button or disable it until they input both numbers and then capture the numbers and create two lists with them. If students enter two pieces of data and don’t click submit, will it still capture those pieces of data and add them to the aggregate? Also, will you please direct me to sample code that can do this?

Thanks in advanced.

Richard Punches

If you are looking to use capture, you are correct in saying that the data will not get captured until the button is pressed.

I’m not sure how you want the table formatted, but this code is based on one row and one column. This would go in the table CL:

orderedPair = parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,1))
correctFormat = isDefined(orderedPair)

cellErrorMessage(1,1): when not(correctFormat) "Please enter an ordered pair in the form (x,y)" otherwise ""

And this would go in the button CL:

disabled: not(table.script.correctFormat)

Thank you so much. That is very helpful.