Order of Stacked Movable Points?

I have some stacked points to make lines, and I can’t figure out how to make the blue points stack on top of the red points so that the blue line can be made first?
Reset Lines • Activity Builder by Desmos

I’m not sure what determines the order of the points. I always thought the expressions at the bottom of the list appear as the upper layer, but that doesn’t seem to apply here? I guess one workaround would be to hide the red points until the blue points have been placed somewhere other than the origin. Of course this would only work if the origin is not a possibility. Graphing Calculator

Ooh, that’s actually a good idea. It has something to do with which one got marked with a label last or some such, and I was able to change the order before but couldn’t reproduce it.
Honestly, it might be easier to scratch it and start over, but I wondered if anyone had figured out the trick. Thank you!

Oh, weird, I think it is when the label size is changed. Whichever point’s label is changed last, that point is moved to the bottom of the stack.

Are you keeping the same font size? Might help to use a variable for that, then if you change the variable, it’ll revert to placement order? Just a thought.