orderedPair has no member calculatorState

I’m trying to copy the sketch (g1) from one screen to the next (g2) with all of the student work transferring. On the next slide, the student is entering three new coordinates in a table and I want these new coordinates to graph. Here is the code I have so far:

background: graphLayer(g1.calculatorState)
readOnly: true
number(“B_1”): b1.pressCount
g1 = parseOrderedPair(t3.cellContent(1,1))
h1 = parseOrderedPair(t3.cellContent(2,1))
i1 = parseOrderedPair(t3.cellContent(3,1))
x1 = numericValue(g1.x)
y1 = numericValue(g1.y)
x2 = numericValue(h1.x)
y2 = numericValue(h1.y)
x3 = numericValue(i1.x)
y3 = numericValue(i1.y)
number(x_1): x1
number(y_1): y1
number(x_2): x2
number(y_2): y2
number(x_3): x3
number(y_3): y3

I am getting an error code at the beginning: type orderedPair has no member calculatorState

When I check this, it will graph the new points but it does not show the graph from the previous slide (g1).

NEVERMIND. I figured out my problem is I was using “g1” from my sketch name and for a definition. All fixed now. Thank you!

You’ve named both your sketch and an orderedPair, g1. Looks like the variable, g1, is taking priority, but it’s not a graph/sketch.

Lol, missed your correction. Well done debugging.