Copy Previous Broken

So the new builder functionality has deprecated the “copy previous” functionality.

There’s a work around, listed, but it only shows a static image. If I want to prompt additional exploration, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Right now, I’m leaning towards just making a straight up copy, without trying to transfer any state. Any variables I want the student to modify either cannot be imported (because the sink can’t be over ridden by user input) or needs to implemented in terms of deltas from the previous values. My stuff can get complicated enough that that becomes ugh.

What would be nice is if there was an initialCalculatorState sink that I could drop the previous one into.

Would the use of script help in order to make the copied graph dynamic? It is still a bit clunky, but makes it a bit more than a static image.

@Jay Is this the case? Or are we just missing where the “copy previous graph” is? I found it really useful.

Yup! Copy previous is deprecated. It didn’t play wel at all with CL anyway, so copying forward the base graph and then using CL to bring in your slider positions is still the best move. I’ll take the request for initialCalcState back to the team.

Thanks, Jay.

I don’t know if that’s really the best solution, but it feels like would mimic the way it worked before.

I’d also be perfectly happy with a pass by reference, so that there’s only one calculator model shared between the two, and as you go back and forth between the pages they stay in sync with each other.

Once again, I don’t know enough of the architecture to tell if that’s possible, but it seems like it might be an option.