Parallel dotplots

I’m really struggling.

I KNOW IT’S possible, but I just can’t find it.

I want to copy a dotplot from one slide on to another. I already found Craig Winske’s template, but I DO NOT understand the CL… like, at all.

I just wanted to copy the previous dotplot and put it on a new graph as a background. I know it’s possible. I’m begging for help.

B E G G I N G!!!

You can copy the numberlist used and then just make a dotplot for that:

In a new graph CL:
numberList(`L`): graph1.numberList(`L`)

In graph:

That will TOTALLY work!

Any ideas on how to shift the dotplot up, so I can put another one below it?

Someone asked this in another thread. I’m not real familiar with dotplots, but the few things I tried didn’t work (e.g. I thought they might be stored as a list of points, so tried adding like you would a vector)

You could do side by side by adding a constant to a list.