Pause Feature Request

Hello Desmos CL Community,

I would like two new features around the pause function. First, I would like to be able to access the pause button in line with the single sessions I have created on the activity page as well as the current method in the dashboard. Also, would it be possible to be able to unpause individual students instead of the entire class? I have written some exams with Desmos Activity Builder and sometimes students need a bit more time to finish, especially students with special needs. I would like to open the exam for them, but no the class in general.

Richard Punches


I would love this feature too!


This suggestion is on DESMOS’ radar. The idea necessitates an incredible amount of coding. I hope more people who would use this suggeseted feature will ‘like’ in so DESMOS knows how valuable it would be for teachers and students-in-need.


This would be awesome! It would help so much especially for assessments and students with different accommodations.
Or to be able to pace some students.


This would be a GREAT feature!! I use Edulastic as times and one of the great things about that system is the pause feature!! Please add this to Desmos!!!

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Along these lines I think it might be more useful to have a separate testing platform in addition to the activity builder. I haven’t used the activity builder for testing because I cannot use it asynchronously.


I’d like to come back to this and upvote it if possible.

Maybe even add CL controls for the pause functionality itself too.

I agree–this would be so helpful when students are taking an assessment. Being able to pause/unpause one student at a time instead of the whole class would be a game changer!

I agree. I have a lot of SPED students that have IEP’s that require more time on exams and assignments. The ability to unpause their assignments would be really helpful.

I would like to be able to maybe be able to edit other students screens while there working.