Pause video at specific time

Is it possible to pause a media video at a specific time. For example, if I create a video that asks them to input something, can I have the video pause until they submit an input on the same slide and then begin to play again?

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I don’t think you can pause it, but you can force it to a particular time (it’ll keep playing a couple frames until it’s paused), like this:

time: when not(input.submitted) and this.time>=5 5 otherwise this.time

Thanks for the response!

Side note: I didn’t realize you could use “not” in the when statement! This is a game changer!

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I was actually just thinking about using the time to insert questions during a video, but only during a 5-second window where they’d be expected to pause. If they didn’t answer questions, coverText on the next slide would instruct them to watch the video. Sort of a way of verifying they paid attention to it, but with CFU questions.

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It looks like the time sink won’t let me continue to play a video in the media component. It seems like the sink forces a video to go to a specific frame and then treats the video like an image. Have you been finding the same result?

I’m on Chrome browser.

Have you tried this out yet? I attempted this a couple weeks back, but the videos ended up glitching and began repeating a single second of the clip endlessly. If you can get it to work I’d love to see it!

Yes, that’s what it does, and as @Ryan_de_la_Garza noted, it kind of glitches unless it is manually paused. In the shared code above, once conditions are acheived this.time will allow it to not be frozen any more.

Unfortunately, there’s no sink to pause, so I think that’s the best we’ve got for now.