Video (Prevent forwarding)

I am attempting to create slides for students to watch videos and complete a check for understanding example all while preventing students from forwarding. I have tried to use the sink time: this.time and it continues to fail and prevents the video from playing. Wondering why this.time does not work. I wanted to say something like

time: when this.time > button.timeSincePress(999) 0 otherwise this.time    

The only work around for me is this slide. Does anyone have any other better ideas?

Not sure. I think because it’s a circular dependency, which doesn’t fly in Desmos.

I thought about doing something like this, but instead have your CFU question (with instructions to pause) pop up during the video during a certain time window. You could then limit moving forward based on whether the student answered the question or not.

Interesting, anytime I have a time: when this.time = 10 otherwise ??? I’m unsure of what to type after otherwise to make no change? Advice?

That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know that it will ever work (maybe it does) because it’s setting the time based on the time, which is circular.

This seems to be working great for me. You probably have something better but it prevents fast forwarding and includes a cfu at any designated time. Properties of Logarithms • Activity Builder by Desmos