Using Video Time Feature from Another Screen

I am trying to prevent students advancing from one screen to the next until they have watched a video. The time the video has played is available while on the screen but is reset on moving away. Any suggestions?

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I was trying to do a similar thing and ran into the same issue. Don’t have a solution but an idea could be to try and find a way to define a variable that “tracks” the MAX time. Didn’t dive deeply into it, but I do believe there is functionality to make that happen.

Thanks @Brian_Keating. I did try to find a way to calculate MAX time but Desmos kept complaining about ‘circular dependency’! …hence my posting.

Yeah the idea I was thinking of playing with is setting a dependent variable. something along the lines of CL:

when video.time>3 bob=1
otherwise bob=0

That way we could track if “bob” has been acheived. But apparently I need to look deeper into what “.time” actually does. It wasn’t happy with the >3 or =3 and I think that’s because it resets every time Facepalm

Will update if I find a solution later.

Maybe a button that is hidden until reaching a particular time, which says “Press me to advance” or something. Then use the pressCount for the coverText on the next screen.


I had the same idea as @Daniel_Grubbs. Here’s an example.


I’ve also thought previously about having questions pop up during specific times, directing them to pause to answer, but only having the question open for a window of time. You could then use the presence of answers to those questions as check to see if they are actually paying attention to the video (whether you want to stop them from advancing or not).

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Thanks @Daniel_Grubbs and @cwinske. That works, though it looks as if you posted an earlier version Craig? Perhaps we will be given control of ‘next’ at some stage to make transition more intuitive!

You’re right, I fixed it. I tested out using the time sink and it certainly does reset when you move away from the screen, but I forgot to change it back to using pressCount.