Plus or Minus Sign \pm `\pm`: solving quadratic equations

In this activity I have a question about ([Copy of] 5.26 Solving Equations with Squares • Activity Builder by Desmos) I took code from this activity which I don’t have a question about ([Copy of] Solve Equations with Step Checker (Updated 5/4/21) • Activity Builder by Desmos)

When solving 2(x-5)^4=512 you get to a point where x-5= plus or minus 4, and when I type this equation into the table, I do not get a checkmark for it, using x-5= \pm 4. Is there a way to code the question so that Desmos recognizes the plus or minus sign?

I can get checkmarks for x-5=4 and x-5 = -4 using the current code that I have (which only currently has been applied to row 1 column 1 of the table).